In it was ahsoka has an unrequited crush on Anakin. Near episode 3 she finds out about padme and Anakin's relationship and that padme is pregnant with Anakin's child. Ahsoka gets depressed by this knowing that there's no chance with her and Anakin.
Anakin, though? Padme: Really, Ahsoka, I don’t see why you’re so eager for a dull bodyguard assingment with Anak—uh, Senetor Skywalker. Ahsoka: The last time we were supposed to have a “dull assignment” with Skywalker he called Grievous “dooku’s punk clanker bitch” and blew up half his fleet. Padme: I’m aware.

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Anakin LOves padme Adri998 believes that she does have a crush on him, but it will probably get squared away in one of the future episodes. I wish there was Anisoka. Read my Fanfiction! on ...
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Dec 26, 2019 · Rey hears the voices of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, and more. With all the others being voices of the dead, this scene confirms that Ahsoka Tano has passed on before the ...
Ahsoka Tano fue una Padawan Jedi de ficción dentro del universo Star Wars, conocida por ser la única aprendiz de Anakin Skywalker en la serie Star Wars: La Guerra de los Clones de 2008. Su primera aparición fue en la novela Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Anakin and Obi Wan then took Luke and Leia to have their ceremonial Padawan braid put in their hair. Leia was to wear her long brown hair up, and have the braid hang down (A.N. now way is a four year old girl having a buzz cut in my story- what do they do with the girls?).

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According to Anakin, he had to jump through a bunch of hoops to secure a spot as Padme's protective detail. Unfortunately for them, their amorous arrangement is thrown off when Ahsoka shows up on the scene ready to head out with Padme and Ahsoka rush to the guns while Anakin takes the helm.
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Precocious Crush: Ahsoka develops one on Anakin. Shout-Out: Chapter 3 mentions "Master Lupin's Defense Against the Dark Side classes." At one point, Anakin goes undercover as "Captain Indy Ford". The Twilight (Anakin's freighter shuttle) is renamed to "New Moon". Shown Their Work: One of the characters is a crab-like being called a Tarc.
Anakin LOves padme Adri998 believes that she does have a crush on him, but it will probably get squared away in one of the future episodes. I wish there was Anisoka. Read my Fanfiction! on ...

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Padme Amidala Official Site for Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW; ... Anakin Skywalker/Ahsoka Tano - Works Archive of Our Own ... a star wars fanfic ... Padmé Amidala ...
Anakin was convincing Ahsoka to stay with the Jedi Order after she got wrongfully exiled based on accusations alone but was later vindicated and reinvited into the faction. Ahsoka's reply to Anakin telling her that he knows how she feels wanting to leave the Order was a suggestive "I Know" which surely meant she's aware of what's going on between him and Padme.

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For the first time in the three years since he fell to the Dark Side, Lord Darth Vader felt Anakin Skywalker. s impatience. As he waited for Bail Organa to arrive, his normally menacing presence of black armor and rasping breath mask had been rendered as nothing more than a small shadow against the brightness of Alderaan. s palace.
Ahsoka Tano is best known as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan, and gained fan-favorite character status with her appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Ahsoka is a member of the Togruta species, who have notable head tails, or lekku, as well as montrals, or head horns. When Ahsoka first appeared in...

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Even after Anakin's death, he has been mentioned several times in most following novels, including a possible appearance in Traitor by Matthew Stover, as a droid in Betrayal by Aaron Allston as Anakin Sal-Solo and in Backlash also by Allston, where he appeared to his maternal uncle, Luke Skywalker and to Luke's son, Ben Skywalker.
Although, “sithspawn” is actually a Correlian swear, but I decided to learn it bc it’s accurate on two fronts. Ahsoka probably taught that one to him. … [previous parts:] [pt 9 (here)] [pt 10, wip] [this comic has also been posted on AO3] [fanfics inspired by this au] [The Same Eyes] [Ahsoka Alone]

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Jan 20, 2014 · 3. Anakin/Ahsoka: I have already pointed out and dismissed the Anakin-Ahsoka thing in my previous comment. Ahsoka is Anakin's padawan. Despite whatever fantasies or wants, it just must be accepted. I, II, and III are Anakin-Padme. TCW even up to this season (S5 that I'm on) is yet just her and Anakin as padawan and master.
First, there was Star Wars: The Clone Wars.Then there was Star Wars Rebels.Then, miraculously, there was Clone Wars again. The story of Ahsoka Tano has been closed and reopened many times over her ...
Soon, Ahsoka had brought the book back to her apartment, sitting down on her bed, turning over the pages. It showed off lovely designs of different beings testing out the technique. All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not
Anakin has been freed following the Boonta Eve race. Queen Amidala's Royal Starship is repaired, and can finally leave Tatooine once Qui-Gon and young Skywalker return. And so we explore Obi-Wan's point-of-view, and his feelings during their last moments on Tatooine and their departure, especially after meeting Anakin for the first time.
Im a huge fan of both Ahsoka and Anakin. But as for Ahsoka having a crush on him, I don't know for sure. Ahsoka and Anakin care for each other a great deal, but I don't think she has a crush on him at all. I wish there was Anisoka. Read my Fanfiction! on

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